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April 12th

Thank you to all the great anglers out there who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next week’s report.



California Aqueduct

The striped bass bite has started to pick up, and anglers fooled fish with cut sardines, anchovies, and jumbo live minnows. Lure anglers landed fish with Flukes, small swimbaits, and jerkbaits in the turbulent water after check gates. Good numbers of bigger striper were reported by anglers using fresh sardines. Catfish slurped up chicken liver, dip bait, and fresh shrimp on bait rigs near outtake grates and check gates. Bass anglers used Senkos and finesse baits before and after check gates to score bites. An angler reported a 5 pound bass while reeling in a Rattle Trap.

Castaic Lake

Castaic held at 79 percent of its storage capacity, and fishing has been good. Large and smallmouth held in 5 to 20 feet of water near rocky points and bluff walls. Carolina rigged C3 baits, drop shot, and Ned rigs took fish with shad, green, and brown colors working well. Striped bass ate cut sardines and lugworms east of the marina and along the dam. Anglers also scored bites while trolling umbrella rigs in 20 to 40 feet of water in the fish arm. Catfish anglers did well soaking dip bait, cut baits, and chicken liver at the West Ramp.

Pyramid Lake

The lake rose to 90 percent of capacity, and bass anglers reported decent fishing with finesse baits leading the way. Deep diving crankbaits worked for bites early in the day, finesse baits took bass along bluff walls and main lake points. Bass were reported from 2 to 25 feet deep. The striper bite remained on the slow side but anglers soaking cut baits at the marina and the inlet reported some biting fish. Trout anglers found a few fish while using garlic scented Powerbait, Mousetails, and Kastmasters, and catfish anglers did very well while using fresh shrimp, chicken liver, and cut baits near Yellowbar.

Isabella Lake

Isabella lake increased this week to 48 percent of its capacity and continues to slowly rise. Our contacts reported excellent crappie action the past few days. Limit style fishing for these slabs in 5 to 10-feet of water throwing white minijigs and live shiners. The trout bite continues to be very good. Shore anglers have scored trout with minijigs, various Powerbait offerings, Pinched Crawlers, Roostertails and mousetails. Boat anglers have done well trolling leadcore followed by Flicker shad, Tasmanian Devils and Needlefish. The Bass bite is starting to improve. Bass have been coming on Shakey heads and Senkos near trees. Anglers have also been finding them deeper off main points with big worms, deep diving crankbaits, trout imitation swimbaits, and crawdad imitation baits. The catfish bite improved this week on SSS Dip Bait, cut mackerel, and sardines.

Kern River

In the Upper Kern it’s been a few weeks since the last DFWL trout stocking. Holdovers and natives have been found along the 20-mile stretch with split-shotting salmon eggs, minijigs, Gulp Pinched Crawlers and trout worms. Fly anglers have been doing well with nymphs, stripping streamers and dry flies in the afternoon. In the Lower Kern it’s been over a month since the last trout stocking. Holdover trout have been caught with salmon eggs, Gulp pinched crawlers and minijigs. The largemouth and smallmouth bass bite has kicked into action here. Bass have been found with jigs, worms, and small crankbaits. Catfish can be found with cut sardines and SSS Dip Bait. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River is flowing at 1333 CFS and the Lower Kern River is flowing at 1040 CFS.

Lake Kaweah

The lake rose to 40 percent of its storage capacity, and the bass bite continued to improve. Finesse baits have been the best way to entice bites. Bass were holding in 5 to 25 feet of water with spider jigs, drop shot, and shaky heads in Aaron’s Magic, Ox Blood, and Smokin’ Shad taking fish. Senkos worked for bites when used with a dead stick approach. Crappie fell for small live minnows and minijigs over submerged brush. Anglers reported minijigs tipped with crappie bites scoring better numbers. Catfish went after cut mackerel, chicken liver, and dip bait, and trout reports have were slow.

Lake Success

The lake rose to 64 percent of its capacity, and fishing is heating up. Bass anglers reported better grade females taking finesse baits in pre-spawn holding areas and up shallow. Jigs with a craw trailer, Ned rigs, and Carolina rigs fooled bass in 5 to 20 feet of water. The Peoples Worm, Tequila Sunrise, and Green Pumpkin were good color choices. Catfish anglers soaked chicken liver, garlic scented nightcrawlers, and dip bait, and crappie ate small live minnows and Hookup Baits.

River Walk Lakes

We heard that Riverwalk got stocked this week with Trout. The DFWL website doesn't have anything posted, but anglers were catching trout at a good rate. Trout have been going for garlic scented Powerbait, GULP! Pinched Crawlers, spinners, and Get Bent Baits. There are some larger bass in here from the stocking a month ago with fish to five pounds going in both lakes. The Bass action has been steady here with the warmer water and weather. Bass have been coming on Topwater, Senkos, jigs and jerkbaits. The Bluegill bite is very good with wax and meal worms. Crappie.

Ming Lake

The Spring Bass bite is in full swing here. Bass have been showing with soft plastics, jerkbaits and jigs. In the late afternoons there is a steady topwater bite. Bluegill have been coming on wax worms and meal worms under a bobber. The later afternoon crappie bite has been good. Crappie have been coming on live minnows and minijigs jigs. It appears trout season is over here, but there are still some trout around. Holdover trout have been coming on spinners, Get Bent Baits, GULP! Pinched Crawlers and garlic scented Powerbait.

Buena Vista Lakes

The trout bite has slowed here, but bass anglers reported better numbers of bass taking weightless Senkos and split shot rigs near the tules. Bass also wert after spinner baits and crankbaits. Catfish ate chicken liver, cut mackerel, and Triple S dip bait, and crappie anglers did well while using Bet Bent Baits swimbaits, minijigs, and small live minnows.

Hart Park Lake

The bite at Hart Park continued to improve last week with better numbers being reported. A few fish close to five pounds were also reported. Largemouth fell for Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and other finesse baits. A local angler reported doing well while using green pumpkin plastic lizards. Bluegill ate any live worm under a bobber, and catfish took cut baits and chicken liver on the Carolina rig.

Lake Nacimiento

Nacimiento rose to 94 percent of its storage capacity, and local angler Carl Pierson reported boating 30 plus spotted bass on some of his recent outings. Bass went after drop shot, shaky heads, and jigs in 2 to 25 feet of water. Most anglers reported good action with the 1-to-3-pound spotted bass, but largemouth took baits too. Crankbaits and small swimbaits worked for bites when fished parallel to shore along the bottom, and Senkos took fish up shallow. White bass went after spoons and in-line spinners, and crappie fell for minijigs, small swimbaits, and live minnows over submerged structure. Catfish anglers did well while using dip baits, chicken liver, and cut baits.

Trout Plants

No Trout plants scheduled by DFWL.

Ocean Fishing


San Diego

The New Seaforth wrapped up their AM Half Day with 220 (limits) assorted rockfish for their 22 anglers. The PM trip ended 78 Whitefish, 11 rockfish, 6 Vermilion rockfish, 7 Sheephead, 7 Sculpin, 1 Sand Bass and 1 Calico Bass. The Dolphin Full Day Coronado Islands trip caught 190 Rockfish, 21 Sculpin, 11 Sheephead and 5 Lingcod for 38 anglers on Thursday. The Daily Double came back from their AM 1/2 day with 2 Sand Bass, 23 Rockfish, 40 Red Rockfish, 12 Whitefish and 2 Sculpin.

Dana Point/San Pedro

The Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street returned Thursday with 64 Salmon Grouper, 1 Halibut, 26 Whitefish, 38 Rockfish and 68 Red Snapper for 17 anglers on a ½-day trip. The Aggressor out of Newport Landing returned Tuesday from an overnight with 93 Rockfish, 6 Sheephead, 47 Whitefish, 13 Bonito, 36 Red Snapper, 1 Lingcod and 5 Calico Bass for 13 anglers. The Freelance out of Davey's Locker returned Wednesday from a ¾-day with 60 Rockfish and 128 Red Snapper for 32 anglers.

Channel Islands/Ventura

The Aloha Spirit returned from a Full Day on Wednesday with 1 Calico Bass, 2 Lingcod, 180 Rockfish, 4 Sculpin, 3 Sheephead and 22 Ocean Whitefish for 19 anglers. The Endeavor out of Ventura Sportfishing returned Wednesday from a Overnight with 220 Rockfish, 112 Whitefish, 4 Lingcod and 2 Sheephead.

Port San Luis/Morro Bay

No reports and Rockfish season is closed and will open May 1st, 2024

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