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January 20th

Thank you to all the great anglers out there who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next week’s report.


Anglers reported another week of decent fishing in the aqueduct. Striped bass and catfish were the best bets. Anglers used cut sardines, lug worms, and jumbo live minnows to fool line-sides throughout the aqueduct. Many of the fish can be found downstream of the gates at this time of year, but you have to be ready with a topwater lure or a jerkbait when you seem them boil. Catfish ate fresh shrimp, dip bait, and chicken liver soaked on the bottom after check gates. Be ready when fishing “catfish baits” because monster striper will eat those same baits. Largemouth have been slow, but the quality of fish has been impressive. Anglers scored big bass with jigs, Kastmasters, and drop shot grubs.


Castaic rose to 55 percent of capacity, and the launch ramp is still a nightmare. Water temperatures held is the mid-fifties, but clarity has been poor. If you choose to launch, be sure to watch for all the floating logs while motoring. Trout remained the best bet at the lake with anglers doing well with dough baits, minijigs, and nightcrawlers. Reports from bass anglers have been slow, but finesse techniques fooled fish from 5 to 40 feet deep. In the warmer parts of the day bass can be found cruising the newly covered shorelines. Catfish and striper have been taking cut sardines and live worms on the C-rig from shore.


Pyramid Lake held near 86 percent of capacity, and the lake has been one of the better local choices for fishing and boating over the last few weeks. Large and smallmouth reports were few and far between due to a constant parade of storms, but a few anglers checked in with reports. Bass went for drop shot plastic worms in brown or purple. They also fell for drop shot Senkos on a very long leader. Striper ate cut sardines, anchovies, and live worms for shore anglers near the Marina. Trout anglers fooled fish with floating baits, minijigs, and Kastmasters, and catfish went for dip bait and cut baits in the marina channel.


This week Isabella rose at a steady pace and is over 19 percent capacity. Next week, Isabella is slated for a trout stocking by DFWL. This is the first trout plant of the year and the action has been fair for trout with Get Bent Baits, garlic scented Powerbait, spinners and pinched crawlers. The bass fishing has been decent around primary lake points at depths to 35 feet. Anglers fishing the main and secondary points have had success with deep diving crankbaits, jigs, big worms, and crawdad Chasebaits. The catfish bite has remained solid on Triple S Dip Bait, chicken liver and cutbait. Crappie fishing is fair, and are holding in deeper water near offshore structure. The best bet has been with live medium minnows and crappie jigs. The Annual Isabella Lake Fishing Derby is scheduled from April 1st thru June 4th, 2023.


The Upper Kern trout bite has been solid between storms. The flows have been fluctuating with the storms but remains very fishable. The best action has come at easy access points throughout the 20-mile stretch. Anglers are scoring fish with salmon eggs, crickets, minijigs and worms. The Upper Kern River was stocked this week in the following sections: Section 4, Powerhouse #3 to Riverside Park in Kernville; Section 5, Fairview Dam to Lazy River Lodge; and Section 6, Fairview Dam to Johnsondale Bridge. In the Lower Kern, the DFWL stocked Section 1, Democrat Beach to Lower Richbar, and Section 2, Sandy Flat to Democrat Beach. Anywhere there is easy access to the river would be a good section to fish. The Lower Kern bass bite is fair on crankbaits, jigs, and spinners. Catfish can be found on dip baits, nightcrawlers and cut baits. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River was flowing at 878 CFS and the Lower Kern River was flowing at 442 CFS.


Kaweah seems to have stabilized at about 44 percent of capacity, and fishing has improved. Spotted bass bit in 15 to 40 feet of water with drop shot, small jigs, and crankbaits fooling fish. Some of the bigger bass chased vertical spoons in deeper water. Crappie bit small swimbaits and minijigs near Horse Creek, and catfish went for dip bait and cut baits near the marina. Trout anglers used Powerbait, Mousetails, and Pinched crawlers to land fish, and there is a plant scheduled for the week of the 22nd.


Lake Success rose to 51 percent of capacity, and fishing has been difficult. Trout have been the best bet lately with Get Bent Minijigs, trout worms, and dough bait working for bites. A few lure fish were reported as well. There’s another trout plant scheduled for the week of the 22nd. Bass anglers reported fair fishing with the fish moving into newly submerged areas. A few fish were reported by anglers using drop shot, Senkos, and crankbaits. Catfish ate dip bait, cut mackerel, and chicken liver, and crappie took small live minnows near submerged brush.


Both lakes at River Walk are full of water, but not fishing going here yet. There are a few agencies working on getting it stocked up with native fish. The Annual Bakersfield Firefighters Fishing Derby & Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for February 4, 2023. Tickets are available online and at Cope’s Tackle and Rod.


Trout were stocked here over a week ago and the fishing has been solid. Trout have been coming on Get Bent Baits, spinners, pinched crawlers, and garlic scented Powerbait. The bass action is fair to good on swimbaits, finessed soft plastics and crankbaits. Bluegill have been going for wax worms, meal worms and red worms. Crappie are faring better in the late afternoon with minijigs and live shiners.


Trout anglers continue to report plenty of huge fish being taken on minijigs, Powerbait, and nightcrawlers. Anglers haven’t been reporting limits, but the quality of the fish is worth the drive to Lake Evans. Largemouth went for weightless Senkos, drop shot nightcrawlers, and creature baits. Successful bass anglers reported using a slower retrieve. Crawdad and baitfish patterned crankbaits continue to score decent bass along rip-rap and structure. Remember to try live bait during a tough bite. Catfish anglers soaked dip bait, chicken liver, and cut baits for plenty of smaller fish.


Bluegill have been the best bet for Hart Park anglers. On warmer days the bluegill ate redworms, waxworms, and mealworms under a bobber. A small baited hook and a bobber is all that is required to put a smile on a young anglers face. Simply toss your offering near a bush or the floating weed beds and the bluegill will do the rest. Catfish took chicken liver, fresh shrimp, and dough bait soaked on the bottom, and bass anglers reported fair fishing on finesse baits. Texas rigged six inch plastic worms with a very slow retrieve got some bites.


The Lake rose to from 36 to 89 percent of capacity in one week. Water clarity is like chocolate milk, and anglers reported difficult to impossible fishing conditions with the rapid rise in water levels. We will report back when the lake stabilizes.


Week of January 15th – Upper Kern River Section 4; Upper Kern River Section 5; Upper Kern River Section 6.

Week of January 22nd – Isabella Lake; Success Lake; Kaweah Reservoir; Upper Kern River Section 4; Upper Kern River Section 5; Upper Kern River Section 6.

Week of January 29th – River Walk Lakes; Upper Kern River Section 4; Upper Kern River Section 5.




Rockfish season is closed and will re-open April 1st. There are big changes to groundfish and rockfish regulations for 2023, be sure to follow the regulations. The Pegasus out of Fisherman’s Landing headed South and returned on Sunday morning with 22 Yellowtail, 65 Red’s, 15 Lingcod, 46 Whitefish, 1 Sheephead and 30 assorted Rockfish for 17 anglers.


There are big changes to groundfish and rockfish regulations for 2023, be sure to follow the regulations. Rockfish season is closed and will re-open April 1st.


Rockfish season is closed and will re-open April 1st. There are big changes to groundfish and rockfish regulations for 2023, be sure to follow the regulations.


Rockfish season is closed and will re-open May 1st. There are big changes to groundfish and rockfish regulations for 2023, be sure to follow the regulations.


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