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Locating Crappie After The Spring Spawn


Fishing for Crappie and other panfish can be a great way to get into fishing. Especially when you are trying to involve young anglers. Crappie are typically found in schools and are easier to catch in numbers than other species of fish. They also are a favorite to put on the table. However, once they move out of the shallows during the spring spawn, without expensive electronics, and even sometimes with them, they can be a frustratingly difficult fish to target. Here are some tips to help you locate this exciting species of fish in all bodies of water and to help you catch Crappie during the warmer summer months...

Crankbait Fishing in the Early Spring

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When it comes to reaction bites there are few techniques that can top a solid crankbait bite. It is a universal bite that when fished correctly allows anglers to cover a lot of water quickly and can produce monster bass no matter where you live.


Crankbaits include a wide range of baits varying in both size and depth range, and because of the hundreds of different choices can be intimidating for a new angler in regards of where to start. For example, a Strike King KVD Square bill is often used to target shallow fish in the 3-5 ft depth range.....

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