Weekly Fishing Report

Friday the 13th and it is time to get on the water! The weather is beautiful if not even a little cold but the fall action is in full swing and this can be one of the best times of year to catch a monster. Most species are doing well right now but the bass are really biting good here locally. Read below for the best places to hit this week.

Thank you to all the great anglers who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. It is for fishermen by fishermen. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next Fridays report! If you see your picture in this report please swing by to pick up a free prize! We appreciate you!!!


***Kern River***
The Kern River is one of the top spots in the area this week to get your line pulled on. The trout are still on fire and they keep planting more. Half nightcrawlers have been the top option this week doused with a little garlic but salmon eggs are still decent and lures are catching some real nice fish. Find any pool past the lake and you can’t go wrong right now.

The canyon area is also putting out some good numbers of trout along with some good bass action. The bass are chomping faster moving plastics and some hardbaits.

In town there is some bass and catfish action in the river but it is not super steady. The different sloughs and water storage ponds are doing very well for smaller fish though. Throw on a small grub or dropshot and you should be able to catch as many as you like. They will be draining some of these local sloughs soon for repairs and so keep an eye out for that.

***Lake Success***
Bluegill and bass are both on fire here and have been. The gills are best near the damn or in the little brush still submerged and worms have been the top option.
The bass are back at it and eating anything! The size is much better than when things were going crazy last month. If you need to hone some bass fishing skills, this is the place to be right now!

-Buena Vista Lakes-
Small cats are still easy to catch on most baits. It is a perfect time to take a kid out and have them pull a couple of these in. Nightcrawlers are the best and easiest option. Some decent bass have been caught this past week but there is very little angling pressure.
Taft Chamber of Commerce Derby is coming! This awesome fishing get together will take place on Nov 18th this year.

-Ming Lake-
It hasn’t been super hot here but it’s not bad. There was a good mix of fish caught this week with a few decent bass coming in on soft plastics. A few smaller cats were reported and a decent carp bite on doughbait still. If you have a few hours to burn it is not a bad place here in town to cast a line.

After a few slower weeks the big blue sea is hot again! Bluefin and yellowfin are on the chew from Ensenada all the way up to San Clemente with the bluefin showing further north. Size is ranging from very small to the 300lb mark and so be prepared for both. Closer to San Diego the dorado action is decent and there have been some yellowtail mixed in.

In the Catalina area it has been very hit or miss for yellowtail with the good rockfishing action pulling most boats away from even trying. There are a few boats still targeting them and most wind up with a few and some calicos to finish out the day.

From there north the rockfishing is excellent with a great overall average size fish and some decent lingcod mixed in.

Lobster season is rocking and rolling with many bug chasers complaining of shorts, the ones in the know are starting off the season with epic numbers.
If you need a boat recommendation or want to know some landing options give us a call at 661-679-6351 and we can help you narrow down the options and review recent fish counts for each boat.

-Lake Isabella-
The average catfish bite that has been going on all year continues but the pressure is light. No reports on other species.

-California Aqueduct-
The duct was hit or miss this past week with some very tough days and then some decent ones. The overall striper size was good with the hardbaits bringing in the bigger fish but be prepared to work for them. Cutbaits, tubes, and lugworms accounted for some catches as well. A few decent largemouth bass were caught this week by anglers targeting the stripers.

The catfish bite remained steady this week but there was not much fishing pressure. The cooler nights have run off all but the most dedicated anglers. The ones that have stuck it out are pumping out some nice cats with several over 10lbs. Dipbaits have been the best bet.

-Castaic Lake-
Things are still going well here with great quality striper boiling throughout the day and a decent black bass bite that is shallow early as the fish chase bait. If the boils slow down then drop deeper into the schools with hair jigs, spoons, or some cut bait. The fish are eating and 5-10lbers are not uncommon.
The largemouth bite starts to slow by 930am or so but they are still there, just slow your presentation and you will get them. It can be a catch fest early in the day as they school up shallow chasing bait.

-Central Coast Lakes-
Nacimiento is the go to spot over here right now. The spotted bass always bite but right now they are biting well and have fat bellies making them a little bigger than normal. Most baits will work once you find them. Lopez still has a decent crappie bite but it is slowing by the day.

-Lake Kaweah-
Decent bass bite still happening on plastics. No reports on other species.

-Pyramid Lake-
Black bass fishing has been fairly good with the best bite early. The fish are chasing bait and so cover some water using shad imitating reaction lures for the best chance.

Striped bass fishing remains pretty solid too with sporadic boils throughout the day. Trolling has worked well when the topwater doesn’t but don’t expect the large size fish like nearby Castaic.

Very little action here this week. A few small bass and a couple gils were all that came out.

-Truxtun Lakes-
A few bluegill caught on worms but not a solid bite.

-Hart Park-
Hart Park is still doing well with a decent carp and catfish bite. A few bluegills were caught this week as well but use super small hooks and bait. No bass reported this week.

Hope this helped, be safe out there, best of luck fishing, and we hope to see you on the water,

-Cope’s Tackle and Rod Shop