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Weekly Fishing Report

*** FISH REPORT FRIDAY, January 24***

Thank you to all the great anglers out there who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next week’s report.

***Best Bet***

***Buena Vista Lakes***

The trout bite continues for another week, and there hasn’t been a shortage of quality fish. The better sized fish are in the 3- to 9- pound range. Anglers have reported the best action on corn powerbait and almost any trout bait doused with garlic. Nightcrawlers topped with garlic scented powerbait, mice tails, and trout worms have all been working well. The largemouth bass action is improving on finesse soft plastics. The catfish bite picked up this week on dip baits and nightcrawlers.

**California Aqueduct**

The aqueduct is one of Kern’s best bets. Striper are biting flukes on a jig head or jerkbaits fished near the gates. Tube baits fished slowly on the bottom are getting a few takers as well. There are still a lot of shorts being reported, but there are some keepers in the mix. Sardines and live minnows are still working well for the bait anglers. Catfish are eating cut baits, dip bait, and chicken liver. Anglers are reporting the best success when thy dip their cut baits in scent. Bass are fair on finesse presentations and jerkbaits. They are being found in slower moving water near the aqueduct bends, behind bridge pylons, and near the grates.

**Lake Nacimiento**

The lake is holding at 52 percent. The spotted bass are biting finesse baits fished slowly from 10 to 30’ deep. Dropshot and small jigs are working best, but crankbaits and swim jigs are grabbing a few fish too. Spoons are enticing a few spotted bass and the occasional white bass. The crappie bite is still good on minijigs and small swimbaits. They are holding in 20- to 30-feet of water near structure. Catfish are being reported on cut baits and dip baits.

**Kern River**

The Upper Kern River was planted in sections 4 and 6 this week. There is an additional plant scheduled for section 4 next week. The trout bite was excellent around the Kernville Park this week. There were many reports of anglers catching limits of trout on salmon eggs and spinners. The fly anglers are finding some takers with smaller Zebra Midges and nymphs. The following areas were planted this week in the Upper Kern River; Section 4, Powerhouse #3 to Riverside Park in Kernville; Section 6, Johnsondale Bridge to Fairview Dam. The Lower Kern River was planted in section 3 (Sandy Flat to Isabella Dam) this week. The trout bite in the Lower Kern has slowed a bit, but the recent stocking should improve that. The bass action is steady on soft plastics and small crankbaits. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River was flowing at 465 CFS and the Lower Kern River was at 445 CFS.

**Lake Isabella**

The lake held at 30 percent capacity and the crappie bite continues to draw fishermen to the lake. The crappie are held up in schools around submerged structure and trees at depths to 45 feet. The best action has been on live small minnows and crappie jigs. The trout action remains fairly steady from the recent trout plants. Anglers fishing from shore are getting them on garlic scented powerbait, nightcrawlers and mice tails. The bass action has slowed and are holding out in deeper water. The best bet would be with Heddon Sonars, spoons, ice jigs, and drop-shot. A few catfish have been taken on cut and dip baits.

**Riverwalk Lake**

The trout bite improved last week with the recent plants. The best action continues to be with garlic scented power bait, minijigs, and Kastmasters. The bass action has improved the last couple days with the warmer afternoons on finesse soft plastics. On March 21st the Bakersfield Firefighter’s will be hosting its 9th Annual trout fishing derby and pancake breakfast. There will be over a two thousand pounds of trout stocked. The Calaveras Trout Farm will be stocking quality rainbow trout. The 25 tagged rainbow trout will range from 3- to 10-lbs and have a total cash prize of over $3000. The lowest numbered tagged fish caught at the event will be worth $1000.

**Pyramid Lake**

The lake level is at 85 percent capacity. Stay in the deeper channel by the marina after launching or you will run aground. The best bet at Pyramid is catfish. Anglers have reported catching numerous catfish, and all of them are big. They are biting sardines, dip bait and chicken livers in coves from 30 to 50’ deep. Bass are fair near Serrano, Bear Trap and Yellowbar from 5’ to 30’ deep. Anglers are throwing deep diving crankbaits early in the day. Then they are switching to drop shot and other finesse techniques in deeper water. With the warmer days some bass have moved into shallow water, and anglers are getting a few bass on jerkbaits. Striper are biting umbrella rigs and jerkbaits. An occasional striper has been reported on sardines fished from shore all the way down to 100’ deep. Bluegill are biting worms in deeper water near rocky structure. Trout are still fair, and anglers are catching them on mice tails, Powerbait, and Kastmasters near the marina. There was a trout plant scheduled this week.

*Castaic Lake*

Castaic is at 72% of capacity, and the water temperature held near 54 degrees. Bass are biting finesse plastics on the dropshot and Carolina rigs. The bite is still best with the deep finesse approach, but some bass are being caught in shallow water. The warmer days are enticing bass to cruise the banks where they can be targeted with small plastics. The bass holding deep are biting spoons. Striper are biting cut baits at 60- to 100-feet deep. Striper are also being taken on spoons, and we are receiving reports of some striper coming on the troll. There was a trout plant scheduled this week.

-Lake Success-

Success rose to 14 percent of capacity this week. Bass are still falling for finesse plastics, swimbaits and spoons. Dropshot, Carolina rigs, and shaky heads are getting bites in 20 to 30’ of water. Spoons are taking quality fish in deeper water over structure. An occasional swimbait fish are still being reported. Catfish are biting sardines, anchovies, and dip bait. There was a scheduled trout plant last week, and trout are being caught on Powerbait, minijigs, nightcrawlers and spinners.

-Ming Lake-

The recent trout plant this past week kicked up a trout bite. Anglers having the best action are using minijigs, garlic scented baits, and nightcrawlers. The winter bass bite improved over the last couple of days with the warmer weather in the afternoons. Soft plastics with finesse presentations and small crankbaits having been finding a few biters. Bluegill are coming out on worms.

-Lake Kaweah-

The lake level dropped again this week from 14 to 10 percent of capacity. The bass fishing picked up a bit. They are biting small baits in deeper water on dropshot and small jigs. There was a trout plant last week, and anglers are having steady action near the marina on mice tails, dough bait, minijigs and Kastmasters.

-Hart Park Lake-

An occasional holdover trout has been coming on garlic scented baits and light colored minijigs. The bass fishing is improving on small jigs and finesse soft plastics. Catfish action is slow. Bluegill are going for redworms.

-Truxtun Lake-

Bass fishing remains fair for anglers using finesse presentations. Soft plastics on the dropshot or shaky head are doing the best. Bass are also biting small jigs. The catfish bite is fair on cut baits, dip baits, and chicken liver. Bluegill are still biting redworms, waxworms and mealworms.

***Trout Plants***

Week of January 19 – Lower Kern River Section 3, Upper Kern River Sections 4 and 6, Castaic Lake, and Pyramid Lake
Week of January 26 – Upper Kern River Section 4

***Ocean Fishing***

Anglers are doing well on surf perch, bass, sculpin, and sand dabs. The Santa Barbra area is the place to be if you want to enjoy a nice warm day on the beach catching Barred Surf Perch. Anglers are doing well with almost any bait, but Gulp Sandworms are doing the best.

San Diego to San Pedro

Landings are still catching sculpin, halibut, and sandbass. San Diego boats are also scoring large bags of rockfish from Mexico on the 1.5 and 2.5 day trips.

On Thursday, the Dolphin caught 18 Sandbass, 2 Sculpin, and Released 7 Halibut for 19 anglers. On their most recent 1.5 day trip, the Pacific Queen returned with 148 Vermilion Rockfish, 130 Rockfish, 1 California Yellowtail, and 10 Lingcod for 33 anglers.


On January 19, the Speed Twin out of CISCOS reported 8 Sand Bass, 28 Calico Bass, and 1 Sculpin for 18 anglers. The Speed Twin reported fun fishing with over 600 sand dabs.

Port San Luis/Morro Bay

The surf perch bite has been going fairly steady with some quality fish coming out. The best action has been with Gulp sand worms and sand crabs.

Compiled By Chad Burton, and Chris Borden.