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Weekly Fishing Report

*** FISH REPORT FRIDAY, November 1st ***

Thank you to all the great anglers out there who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next week’s report.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by Cope’s pumpkin patch, and we hope you all had a great Halloween! Congratulations to James T. Meyer on winning the “trout tackle pack!” Don’t forget about the “Hoop Netting for Lobster” seminar presented by Promar and CCA California at Cope’s tonight, Friday November 1st from 6PM to 8PM.

***Best Bet***

***Lake Success***

The water level remains very low, but the bite is good. The Porterville Bass Club’s tournament was a success, with an 11 plus pound largemouth making an appearance. The fish are being had with a variety of methods. Swimbaits, Senkos, and crankbaits, along with a productive spoon bite are creating a “what should I try today” situation. Dark colored jigs fished right up into the trees are enticing some of the larger fish. Fishing is still best around rocky points and submerged trees.

***Kern River***

The flow at Kernville is 325 CFS which makes access and fishing excellent. Trout were planted on October 27 and more are scheduled for November 3rd. The fishing has slowed a bit, but they are still being taken on salmon eggs, trout dough bait, and night crawlers with a small split shot. Fish the areas which allow access for the trout truck. Quality fish continue to be had in the 20 mile stretch above Kernville with some fish over 20 inches. Spin fisherman continue to hook up and fly fisherman are finding success with very small nymphs. For the Lower Kern, water flows increased this week, but it continues to be very fishable. Anglers are still catching both largemouth and smallmouth bass. With the increased flow, really focus on the slower pockets with soft plastics. Spinners are taking some smallmouth. Access points as the river makes its way into Bakersfield have been productive for both bass and catfish. Use dip bait, cut bait, or chicken liver for the catfish. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River flows are at 325 CFS and the Lower Kern River is at 749 CFS.

**Pyramid Lake**

The bass action continues at a good pace. Yellowbar and Serrano are your best bet, but fish are biting wherever you can find grass. Topwater continues to produce early and late in the day. Buzzbaits and walking baits along the weed lines are still the ticket. Soft plastics on drop-shot or Texas rigs are getting bit throughout the day…go with shad colors along the weedline. Aaron’s Magic, Green Wienie, and Ox Blood are still working the best. The striper are still eating sardines, but trolling has provided the most success for anglers over the past week. Umbrella rigs are your best bet. Have a fluke or swimbait handy in case you find the striper up high. Catfish are still showing in the deeper coves with chicken livers, sardines, and mackerel.

**Castaic Lake**

The wind is still the story here. High winds for the week made the fishing difficult at best. Live shad is your best bet if you can get them. Fly-lined shad or hanging them under a bobber is a sure method for success. From shore, flylining live shad or floating the candy bait under a bobber is working best. The have still been some bass taken, even with the tough conditions. Drop shot, or Carolina rigged soft plastics in shad colors and Ox Blood are the ticket, with Senkos in Green Pumpkin continuing to get bit too. The striper have been going for topwater, swimbaits, and flukes, when anglers find them boiling. The majority of the striper are coming on the troll with umbrella rigs. Additionally, the bait anglers continue to find them in deeper water on anchovies and sardines. Sardines, and chicken liver have produced a few catfish. The crappie and bluegill have returned to life with some being caught on live worms.

**California Aqueduct**

The striper and catfish bite is good. The methods for the striper remain the same. Flukes and jerkbaits around the gates are still working, but the bait anglers are doing the best on anchovies and sardines. There are still reports of sculpin imitations fished slowly on the bottom getting the fish to bite. Brown tube baits with a heavy jig are what most anglers use for this technique. The catfish are eating anchovies and sardines. Dip your cut bait for added appeal. Baby Bass and Green Pumpkin Senkos are still finding the largemouth on occasion. The largemouth are being found around the grates and in the slower moving water.

*Lake Isabella*

The lake level is at 30 percent of capacity. The bass are picking back up after last week’s lull. They are being caught on live minnows and can also be had on shad colored soft plastics, Texas rigged and drop shot. Swimbaits in shad colors are also getting it done. The crappie bite continued at a decent pace on Minijigs and small to medium live minnows. Fish for crappie over structure from 10 to 25’ deep. The catfish bite is steady on pretty much all possible baits…cut bait, dip bait, chicken liver, night crawlers, and shad, with good size fish being caught.

*Santa Margarita Lake*

Largemouth continue to chew. The reaction bite has produced some quality fish with crankbaits, swimbaits, and spinnerbaits. 6 to 8 inch worms in Green Pumpkin, Watermelon and Aaron’s Magic are still getting the fish to bite as well. The zone is 10 to 15 feet deep. The crappie bite is steady on minijigs and live worms. The bluegill are in the mix also, with live worms, and nightcrawlers being especially effective. Catfish are eating sardines, anchovies and mackerel, and quality fish are being reported.

*Buena Vista Lakes*

Thing at Buena Vista remain the same. The bite is decent and soft plastics on the drop-shot and Texas rig are enticing the bite. Topwater action is fair early and late in the day, and seems to be producing the larger fish. Fishing plastics in the tulles continues to be a reliable method of getting bit. The catfish are still steady, with a lot of smaller fish getting hooked. They are going after night crawlers, anchovies, sardines, and chicken liver. Still no reports for bluegill and crappie. However, in previous weeks they were eating live worms.

*Lake Nacimiento*

The lake is reported to be at 46 percent of capacity. The spotted bass bite slowed a bit more this week but they are still your best bet. Spotted bass can be taken on the bottom with jigs and small plastics on the drop shot. Some good sized fish have been had on light colored spoons. Topwater has stalled, with no reports of any whatsoever. The white bass have slowed again, but anglers that have found the schools have found success. They are biting spoons, in-line spinners and shad imitations. Crappie are biting near submerged structure with minijigs and minnows, and the bluegill are biting live worms. The catfish being caught are still small. They are eating mackerel, sardines and dip bait.

-Lake Kaweah-

The lake is still very low, so be careful when launching! Some good sized fish have been reported this past week. The fish are still holding near rocky structure on points. Jigs, drop shot and other small plastics are still catching most of the fish on the bottom, but spoons and crankbaits are getting some interest as well. No reports of topwater fish this past week as anglers switch gears to get the fish to bite. Catfish are biting mackerel, sardines, and dip bait. Crappie are eating minijigs, small minnows, and worms around vegetation and structure.

-Hart Park Lake-

The trout bite has slowed, but another plant is scheduled for November 3rd. The bite was good on garlic dough baits, light colored minijigs, and Kastmasters after the last plant so expect the same after this weekend. Largemouth bass are still being caught in or near heavy cover. They are going for smaller crankbaits and soft plastics on drop-shot in oxblood. The bluegill and crappie bite remains slow but fish are being caught. Fish live worms for your best bet.

-Riverwalk Lake-

Minijigs, Kastmasters, and dough bait is the story here as well for the upcoming trout plant on November 3rd. The bite was great after the last plant. Wacky rigged and weightless Senkos continue to entice the bass in both lakes, with Green Pumpkin and watermelon still doing the trick. The dropshot in chartreuse worked well for a local angler that landed some quality fish. Bluegill action is fair on live worms. Catfish are eating cut bait and dip bait as usual.

-Ming Lake-

The trout plant is scheduled for November 3rd here as well. Ming took off a little slower than Riverwalk and Hart Park after the last plant, but we’ll see what this plant does. Generally, Hart Park and Riverwalk see a bit more pressure after the plant, so keep Ming in mind as we move into next week. The bass bite continues to be fair at Lake Ming. Crankbaits and soft plastics are getting bit. Smaller baits are still the ticket. Catfish continue to show on anchovies, sardines and dip bait. Live worms are getting the bluegill to bite.

-Truxtun Lake-

Truxtun Lake remains the same. The bass action is fair on jigs and soft plastics on the Texas rig or dropshot. Watermelon and dark colored plastics are still your best bet. A couple of decent fish on the crankbait and Kastmasters were reported as well. The catfish are eating anchovies, sardines, and dip bait with the fish continuing to be smaller grade. The bluegill bite remains steady on any live worm.

***Trout Plants***

October 27 – Lower Kern River Section 3, Upper Kern River Section 6, Brite Valley Reservoir
November 3 – Lower Kern River Sections 2 and 3, Upper Kern River Section 4, Hart Park Lake, River Walk Park, and Lake Ming

***Ocean Fishing***

**San Diego to San Pedro**

The fishing continues to be world class. Monster bluefin tuna continue to chew, good grade yellowfin are biting, yellowtail have been there for the taking, and swordfish on the deep drop have everyone excited.

On Wednesday the San Diego out of Seaforth Landing caught 26 yellowfin and 10 skipjack on a full day trip for 33 anglers.
On Wednesday the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing caught 4 California sheephead, 53 yellowtail, 1 mako shark, 30 bonito, 20 rockfish, and 130 reds on a 1.5 day for 15 anglers. That’s an impressive mixed bag of fish!


On Tuesday, Channel Islands Sportfishing reported 169 ocean whitefish, 335 rockfish, 7 California sheephead, 7 sculpin, and 1 lingcod for 42anglers on two boats.
On Tuesday, Ventura Sportfishing reported 126 rockfish, 11 lingcod, and 79 ocean whitefish for 15 anglers on the Island Spirit.

*Port San Luis/Morro Bay*

On Wednesday, the Fiesta out of Virg’s Landing caught 180 red rockfish, 40 copper rockfish, 40 bocaccio, and 12 lingcod for a total of 272 fish for 26 anglers.
On Wednesday, the Patriot out of Patriot Sportfishing caught 11 red rockfish, 1 copper rockfish, 114 assorted rockfish, 1 canary rockfish, 3 starry rockfish, and 1 lingcod for a total of 131 fish for 21 anglers on a ½ day trip.


Lobster season is in full swing. Cope’s has the gear you need to go out and get these tasty critters and tonight’s seminar will teach you all you need to know. “Hoop Netting For Lobster” presented by Promar and CCA California at Cope’s, tonight (Friday November 1st) from 6PM to 8PM.

Compiled By Chad Burton, Chris Borden, and Scott Dragoun