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Weekly Fishing Report

*** FISH REPORT FRIDAY, May 29th***

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***Best Bet***

***Lake Success***

Lake Success reopened for fishing on May 20th, and fishing has been excellent! After several months without pressure the bass are biting just about anything anglers throw. Some of the favorite baits include Senkos, plastic worms, jigs, topwater, and chatter baits. The Senko and Yum Dingers are working well out to about 15 feet deep. Green Pumpkin, watermelon, and Baby Bass are the colors of choice. Drop shot, Texas rig, Ned rig – you name it they all seem to be working with a variety of colors including Aaron’s Magic, Hologram Shad, Ox Blood and many others. Spider jigs are working a bit deeper, and Topwater frogs are getting them on the surface. There really doesn’t seem to be a bad bait choice right now. Crappie anglers are having a great time also. They are nabbing crappie over submerged structure on crappie jigs tipped with crappie nibbles and small live minnows. Catfish are also on the chew. They are biting cut baits, dip bait, chicken liver, and nightcrawlers.

***Castaic Lake***

Castaic lake rose to 91 percent of capacity, and the water temperatures moved into the lower and mid-seventies. Fishing was great over the holiday weekend with anglers scoring on all species. The bass anglers were catching both small and largemouth on Senkos and finesses plastics. The Senko bite remained solid for anglers throwing Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, and Shad colors down to about 15 feet deep. The finesses anglers were getting bit a little deeper on Drop shot, Carolina rigs, and Ned Rigs. The best colors were Ox Blood, Aaron’s Magic, and Hologram Shad. The striper showed early in the day before all the boat traffic pushed them down again. They were chasing shad, and were going for flukes, jerkbaits, and Kastmasters. The striper are also being taken on the troll with swimbaits and deep diving jerkbaits. Castaic received a hefty 3000lb trout plant to kick off Memorial Day Weekend, and limits were the norm. Shore anglers near the marina had a field day reeling in the hefty (up to 4lb) trout. They were biting Powerbait, Pinched Crawlers, live worms and spinners. The catfish even joined in on the fun, and they bit cut sardines, anchovies, and nightcrawlers.

**California Aqueduct**

The hot weather definitely limited the number of anglers along the aqueduct, but the striper bite did not diminish. Anglers are still reporting good striper fishing using live jumbo minnows, and cut baits. Anglers are also connecting using flukes, tube baits, and jerkbaits. The bass are biting well for anglers throwing topwater and plastic worms. Senkos and Whopper Ploppers seem to be getting the best action. Catfish are biting dip baits, anchovies and chicken liver. Bluegill are biting redworms through the outlet grates in still water.

**Lake Nacimiento**

Lake Nacimiento dropped a bit to 50 percent of capacity, and water temperatures remained in the low to mid-70s. Anglers are reporting decent fishing with most of the bass in a post spawn mode. There are still a few late spawners up near shore. The bass are biting spider jigs in deeper water, and finesses drop shot in closer to shore. Anglers are also reporting some topwater action both early and late. Shad colored crankbaits and jerkbaits are still getting bite throughout the day. The white bass are biting white spinners and swimbaits. Crappie were tougher this week, but they are being caught near structure with minijigs tipped with crappie nibbles and small live minnows. Catfish are biting cut baits and dip baits.

**Lake Kaweah**

Lake Kaweah reopened for fishing on May 20th, and fishing has been great. Bass anglers are reporting up to 30 fish days using a variety of baits. Senkos or Yum Dingers are working in shallow water, while jigs and finesses plastics in a variety of colors are working down to 25 feet deep. There’s a decent topwater bite both early and late in the day, and crankbaits are scoring around those same times. Trout are biting Powerbait, redworms and lures. Crappie and bluegill are biting near structure on minijigs and live worms.

*Santa Margarita Lake*

Santa Margarita has provided a good place for local anglers to get away for a solid day of fishing. The lake level is holding near 88 percent of capacity. The best bet is still fishing for bass using Senkos or Yum dingers in shallow water. However, soft plastics on the drop shot or Ned rigged are also producing well down to 20 feet. The colors of choice are Aaron’ Magic, Green Pumpkin and shad. Topwater and reaction baits are producing early in the day. Crappie are being caught over submerged structure and near docks on minijigs, crappie nibbles, and small live minnows. Catfish are biting nightcrawlers.

*Lake Isabella*

The lake rose slightly from 39 to 40 percent capacity this week. The crappie bite slowed down and then started to pick back up this past week. There were reports of anglers getting limits earlier this week in as little as an hour. Crappie can still be found around the cages at Joughin Cove, Brown’s Cove and Kissack. Small and medium live minnows continue to be the the best bait, while minijigs with or without nibbles are finding some takers. Atomic teasers in chartreuse and pearl/white have been getting bit. The bass action continues to be very solid in the shallows with soft plastics on drop-shot, jigs, and crankbaits. The catfish bite improved this week with the hot weather. Anglers reported very good catfish action in the evening with live minnows, dip baits and cut bait. Trout fishing has been very consistent lately from the large dumping of fish a few weeks ago. Trout have been around the dam and at Reds marina in fairly good numbers. Boaters that have been trolling leadcore line with needlefish or Tasmanian devils have done very well.

*Kern River*

The Upper Kern trout fishing continues to be very good, and the flows have been excellent. They’ve been continuously stocking the Upper Kern the past few months. There were reports from anglers on the river that it was stocked the last couple days; however, the hatchery is not posting any information on its stocking schedule. The best action has been from Powerhouse #3 to Riverside park in Kernville. In the 20 mile stretch, fish can be caught in the deeper pools and bends on salmon eggs, nightcrawlers and spinners. The Lower Kern River smallmouth bite has been very solid. Trout are being taken in the canyon on salmon eggs, powerbait and spinners. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River was flowing at 1417 CFS and the Lower Kern River was at 966 CFS.

*Buena Vista Lakes*

Anglers have reported that the bass are still biting senkos outside the reeds. Some bass are falling for a slower presentation on the drop shot as well. Topwater is working both early and late in the day. A few bass are also biting jigs and crankbaits throughout the day. The crappie bite is fair on small live minnows and minijigs tipped with nibbles. Catfish were good this week, and a lot of fish were caught on mackerel, anchovies, and dip baits. Bluegill are biting redworms and wax worms.

*Ming Lake*

The lake is still producing a good number of bass for anglers throwing Senkos, Yum Dingers and finesse plastics. The best colors have been Green Pumpkin, Watermelon and Ox Blood. Anglers are also connecting on topwater during lower light conditions. The occasional crankbait bass is also being reported. Catfish are biting anchovies, chicken liver and dip baits. The bluegill are eating redworms and mealworms.

*Truxtun Lake*

The bigger bass showed for several anglers this week. The largest reported bass was over 5lbs. However, several bass in the 3 to 4lb range were caught and released as well. The larger bass were caught on 5” Senkos in Green Pumpkin and Crankbaits. Bass are also biting finesses soft plastics and topwater. The topwater bite has been the best both early and late in the day. The bluegill bite was solid for anglers using redworms, waxworms, and mealworms. Catfishing has been steady for anglers soaking cut baits, chicken liver, or dip baits.

*Hart Park Lake*

The bass at Hart Park or biting finesse plastics on the drop shot or Ned rig. The colors of choice are purple and bluegill patterns like Aaron’s Magic. A slower presentation is working the best. Bass are also biting topwater early and late in the day. Catfish are being reported on cut baits, chicken liver, and nightcrawlers. Crappie are being caught on small minnows, and bluegill are biting redworms and waxworms.

*Riverwalk Lake*

River walk produced some good quality bass over Memorial Day weekend. We received multiple reports of bass in the 3 to 5lb range. Most of the action came on soft plastics, but several bass were taken on reaction baits. The best bet has been to use drop shot Roboworms in Margarita Multilator or Peoples Worm. However brown spider jigs are producing the larger bass. Topwater has been producing in the mornings and evenings, and crankbaits are getting bite early. Catfish have been steady on chicken liver and dip baits. The bluegill are biting redworms.

**Pyramid Lake**

Pyramid opened over Memorial weekend, and fishing was amazing. The lake is pretty much full pool at 93 percent of capacity, and water temperatures are in the lower 70s. Even with heavy boat traffic the bass were biting Senkos, finesses plastics, and jerkbaits. The Green Pumpkin Senkos and bluegill colored finesses plastics were working very well from 5 to 25 feet deep. The thick mud lines provided excellent cover for the bass to ambush soft plastics and jerkbaits alike. The trout anglers did well throwing Powerbait, Mousetails and live worms. The catfish were biting sardines and nightcrawlers. After a few months off the striper were ready to bite, and they were biting umbrella rigs trolled 25 feet deep near points.

***Trout Plants***

In an effort to reduce crowding at local lakes the Department of Fish and Game has stopped revealing where they are planting trout. We will report all local trout plants when the DFG resumes their notifications.

***Ocean Fishing***

San Diego to San Pedro

Private boaters are still catching an excellent grade of tuna in the Upper Hidden Banks and 475 Knuckle areas. Bluefin from 50 to 150lbs are biting Yummy Flyers on the kite. Yellowfin up to 60lbs are biting trolled lures, sardines and the occasional iron. Shore anglers have reported excellent halibut fishing along the entire this southern section. The halibut are biting white flukes and live smelt, but cut baits are also producing. Anglers also reported yellowtail on squid and bloodworms. Catalina has been fishing decently for calicos and yellowtail with the occasional white sea bass also being reported on live squid.


There are a few boats running open party charters in the Santa Barbra area. So far rock fishing has been amazing with the rockfish biting squid strips on the dropper loop. The Oxnard Ventura area has seen some excellent halibut and perch fishing as of late. Anglers are scoring nice sized surf perch on Gulp Sand Worms, sand crabs, and squid strips. The halibut anglers are doing well on small swimbaits and Flash Pointers.

On Thursday the Coral Sea, out of Stardust Sportfishing, caught 247 Rockfish,145 Whitefish, 7 Lingcod, 6 Sheephead, 3 Cabezon, and 1 sculpin for 25 anglers.

On Thursday the Stardust, out of Stardust Sportfishing, caught 244 rockfish, 76, whitefish, and 2 lingcod for 30 anglers.