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Weekly Fishing Report


Bakersfield’s largest fishing expo is one week away, our ANNUAL FISHAPALOOZA will be held on Saturday, May 18th from 8am – 3pm. Thank you to all the great anglers out there who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next weeks report.

***Best Bet***

***Lake Isabella***

The crappie bite remains solid, but has slowed a bit from the “red hot” action of the previous three weeks. The crappie are more spread out now seeking structure as the lake fills. There has been reports of crappie “slabs” caught in French gulch, Camp 9, Rocky Point and the South Fork. Anglers have come from all over California to get in on the crappie action here. The best action continues to be on small live minnows and crappie jigs with nibbles. The bass have moved into shallow water and there’s been good action on crankbaits and senkos. On Monday, Jorge Ochoa of Bakersfield landed a 6.15 lbs largemouth. The catfish bite remains fair to good for anglers using dip baits, cut bait and chicken liver. The trout bite has improved with one local angler reported catching a limit from a kayak using Thomas buoyants. Boaters trolling spoons around the auxiliary dam have been doing fairly well. The lake rose from 49 to 53 percent capacity this week and continues to rise.

**California Aqueduct**

The striped bass action continues to be very good for anglers using fly-lined sardines. Anglers fishing various colored flukes and tube baits have had good success with finesse presentations. Lucky craft jerkbaits in shad colors have been effective. The largemouth bass bite has improved with some decent action on senkos and jerkbaits. The catfish are going for dip baits, nightcrawlers and sardines.

*Kern River*

The Upper Kern River will be stocked next week in sections 4, 5 and 6. The high flows have made much of the upper river difficult to fish. The best action remains with mice tails, spinners, crickets and salmon eggs. The following areas were stocked this week; section 4, Powerhouse #3 to Riverside Park in Kernville; section 5, Fairview Dam to Lazy River Lodge; section 6, Johnsondale Bridge to Fairview Dam. The Lower Kern River was stocked with trout last week in sections two and three. There continues to be a very good smallmouth bite in the canyon. At the time of reporting the Upper Kern River flows were at 4293 CFS and the Lower Kern River is at 2869 CFS.

**Buena Vista Lakes**

The lake will be closed through Monday due to an event being held over the weekend. The largemouth bass action continues to be solid. Jerkbaits, Strike King Ocho baits and green pumpkin senkos have all been good choices. The crappie action remains fairly decent on small live minnows and mini jigs with nibbles. The catfish bite is decent on nightcrawlers, dip baits and anchovies.

-Ming Lake-

The bass action has improved on senkos, crankbaits and jerkbaits. A few decent crappie have been caught on mini jigs with nibbles. The bluegill bite is good on any live worm.

-Hart Park Lake-

The bass action remains good on senkos, jerkbaits and jigs . The crappie bite has been fair on crappie jigs with nibbles. The bluegill action is steady on red or meal worms.

-Truxtun Lake-

The bass action remains fairly solid on jigs and soft plastics on drop shot. Catfish bite is improving on nightcrawlers and dip bait. Bluegill bite is steady on any live worm.

-Riverwalk Lake-

The bass bite has been good at both lakes on senkos, jigs and jerkbaits. Bluegill action is decent on any live worm. A few crappie were caught on crappie jigs.

-Castaic Lake-

The overall fishing here has really improved this week. The kids trout plant this past Saturday was a success. Many anglers caught limits and had a mixed bag with stripers. The stripers are in 30 to 50 feet of water and they’ve been chewing on sardines. One local angler reported very good striper fishing in 35 feet of water. The shore fishing has picked up with good numbers of fish caught from the east side of the marina and the far side of the dam. The best action continues to be lugworms, sardines and anchovies. The largemouth action is solid onshore to 20 feet of water. The best action has been with roboworms and senkos on drop-shot or the ned rig. The catfish bite has picked up on anchovies and mackerel. The crappie action has improved on crappie jigs with nibbles.

-Pyramid Lake-

The striped bass action slowed a bit from last weeks excellent bite, but remains fairly good in front of the rip rap and the main store. The best action has been on sardines, lugworms and nightcrawlers. The largemouth and small mouth bite is good with soft plastics on the drop-shot and Texas rigged. There’s a fairly decent early morning top water bite on walking baits. Catfish bite is fair tp good on sardines and cut baits.

-Lake Success-

The lake rose from 76 to 82 percent capacity this week and continues to rise. The bass are in the shallows and in pre-spawn mode. The top water bite has been excellent on frogs and walking baits. Senkos on a wacky-rig seems to be the most effective method. The crappie are showing around the marina and in structure on crappie jigs with nibbles. Bluegill bite is decent on live worms. The catfish bite is fair on blood dip baits.

-Lake Kaweah-

The lake rose from 68 to 75 percent capacity this week and continues to rapidly rise. The bass bite slowed this week due to the rapid rise of the lake. This has pushed the bass off the banks and into open water. Once the lake settles the bite should turn on.

-Lake Nacimiento-

The lake dropped slightly to 84 percent capacity this week. The Best Bass Tournaments held an event last Saturday, and the winner had a limit of 2.5 lbs average. There has been a fairly steady top water bite in the morning on small poppers. After the morning bite, dropping to the bottom with plastics on the drop-shot and shakey head has been effective. White bass remain active in the river arm and coves with small white Roostertails or Kastmasters. Catfish are hitting cut baits while bluegill and red ear perch are found around structure on red worms or meal worms.

***Ocean Fishing***

**San Diego**

The American Angler returned to the dock on Thursday with 5 Bluefin Tuna and 40 Yellowtail. One of the bluefin was 138 lbs while the other four were in the 60-70 pound range. The Pacific Queen out of Fishermen’s Landing returned Thursday with 9 bluefin tuna with two at 130-140 lbs and seven at 40-70 pound range.


The Pacific Islander out of Channel Islands Sportfishing returned Thursday with 180 rockfish, 2 ling cod, 1 California sheephead and 75 ocean whitefish on an overnight trip. The Island Tak returned on Wednesday with 2 White Sea bass, 20 calico bass and 2 barracuda for 8 anglers on a full day. The Pacific Dawn out of Ventura Sportfishing on an overnight picked up 180 rockfish, 18 ling cod, 18 ocean whitefish and 5 California sheephead for 18 anglers on Thursday. The surf perch action has been good on Berkeley gulp sand worms.

*Port San Luis/Morro Bay*

The Patriot out of Patriot Sportfishing on a ½ day boat returned with 24 reds, 7 copper, 5 bocaccio, 4 ling cod and 66 assorted rockfish for 17 anglers Thursday. The Fiesta out of Virg’s Landing on a ½ day trip returned with 100 reds, 40 copper and 40 canary for 23 anglers on Thursday.

Compiled By Chad Burton