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Weekly Fishing Report

*** FISH REPORT FRIDAY, October 23***

Thank you to everyone that came out to our annual FISHAPALOOZA! We had a great time and gave away a ton of prizes. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next week’s report.

***Lake Isabella***
The lake held at 17 percent capacity making the lake level fairly low. The crappie bite improved this week with reports of nice stringers of fish coming out. Fish can be taken on live minnows or minijigs from structure in the South Fork area and around the lake. The bass fishing has been solid and the reaction bait bite continues for another week with quality bass showing in good numbers. Fish to 8 pounds were reported this week on crankbaits, big worms, jigs and spinnerbaits. The catfish bite remains very good in many areas around the lake and can be taken with Triple S Dip Bait, nightcrawlers and mackerel. Trout are fair to good for trollers by the Dam using lead core line and needlefish.

***Nacimiento Lake***

The lake held at 25 percent of capacity, and Nacimiento continues to kick out nice bass limits. The bite was a bit slower last week, but anglers still fooled spotted and white bass on topwater, swimbaits, and spoons. After the morning boils anglers are using finesses plastics and jigs for spotted bass, and vertical spoons for the schooled up white bass. The catfish anglers are getting bite on cut mackerel, anchovies, and dip baits. Bluegill anglers are scoring bites using waxworms over structure.

**California Aqueduct**

The aqueduct striper are boiling on shad and glass minnows right at sunrise with anglers getting bite on topwater and jerkbaits. After the sun comes up anglers are connecting on Flukes and cut baits. Blood and lug worms are also scoring a few line sides. The catfish are still on a reliable bite with anglers using sardines, anchovies, and garlic scented nightcrawlers. The bass are also chasing shad in the mornings, and they are biting small topwater lures fished along the edges of the aqueduct. When the sun is up higher in the sky the bass will bite drop shot flukes and other shad imitation plastics.

**Castaic Lake**

Castaic Lake water levels continued to retreat, and they are at 82 percent of capacity with water temperatures near seventy degrees. The shad are still moving back into coves, and anglers are scoring bites with morning topwater followed by finesse baits on the bottom. Many bass are still holding on main and secondary points, but they can also be found in coves from 10 to 30 feet deep. The striper continue to be tough for boil anglers, but they are still biting trolled flies and jerkbaits. Catfish are biting cut baits, garlic scented nightcrawlers, and chicken liver.

**Kern River**

The Upper Kern River is open to Johnsondale Bridge and anglers were packed in above Fairview. Fishing was a little more difficult because of all the pressure, but those anglers that found the right spot did fairly well. Only local angler reported catching over 20 fish in the morning from an area that was a little more difficult to hike to. Anglers have been having success with salmon eggs, worms and spinners. Fly anglers are scoring with nymphs in the 20 mile stretch. There are no scheduled trout plants and the last plant was the first week of September. However, the river was planted throughout the summer and there are plenty of holdovers throughout the 20 mile stretch. The Lower Kern River continues to have a decent smallmouth bass bite on crankbaits and spinners. Catfish can be found on dip baits, nightcrawlers and cut baits. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River was flowing at 141 CFS and the Lower Kern River was flowing at 151 CFS.

**Pyramid Lake**

Pyramid Lake remains near maximum capacity, and fishing has been good. The bass and baitfish are holding in the weeds, and anglers are getting bites throwing morning topwater and jerkbaits. Tossing weedless plastics and jigs into the weed pockets is scoring bites later in the day. Squarebill crankbaits, in shad patterns, ripped through the weeds are getting takers too. There are still some shad boils, but most of the action has been happening near sunrise. Striper are biting trolled umbrella rigs, jerkbaits, flylined flukes, and Kastmasters. Catfish anglers are using sardines, nightcrawlers, and chicken liver in deeper coves around the lake. Bluegill are eating live worms in the weed pockets and holes.

*Lake Kaweah*

The lake level is very low at 5 percent of capacity. Please watch for obstructions when motoring. Bass fishing was decent last week, with anglers fooling bass using crankbaits, jigs, and drop shot. Most of the action is on main lake points and submerged rock piles. The crankbaits have been working early and late in the day with finesses options working mid-day. The catfish bite remained solid with cut baits, dip bait, and chicken liver.

**Lake Success**

Lake Success dropped to 7 percent of capacity, and bass fishing remains fair. Anglers have been fooling bass throwing crankbaits along rocky points, and fishing drop shot or jigs down deeper. Topwater is still getting a few takers when the bass are chasing shad in the mornings. Catfish remain fair on sardines, dip bait and nightcrawlers.

*Buena Vista Lakes*

Crappie and bluegill are good options at Buena Vista with anglers getting bite using small minnows and live worms near cover. The catfish bite is decent for smaller fish in Lake Webb. The whisker fish are biting nightcrawlers, anchovies, and dip bait. Bass fishing has been fair with anglers catching a few bass on Senkos, drop shot, and Brush Hawgs.

*Hart Park Lake*

Fishing at Hart Park has been decent for anglers using jigs near heavy cover. Punching through the cover has been the secret to bigger bass. Anglers are also finding biters using drop shot or Texas rigged worms. On angler reported a 4lb bass on a firetiger crankbait last week. Catfish are biting garlic scented nightcrawlers, sardines, and dip baits, and bluegill are eating redworms and waxworms.

-Truxtun Lake-

The bite at Truxtun Lake picked up last week with anglers catching more bass on drop shot. One angler reported catching and releasing more than 10 bass using Yamamoto Shad Shaped Worms in Green Pumpkin. Topwater is also fooling the occasional bass, and a few crankbait fish were reported last week. Catfish are eating sardines, anchovies and dip baits, and bluegill are taking any live worm fished near cover.

*Ming Lake*

At Ming the bass action has picked up over the past couple weeks. Reaction baits take the top spot this week with a good number coming on crankbaits. Soft plastics and jigs have scored fish early and late in the day. Bluegill continue to be easily caught on wax worms, meal worms and red worms. Carp can be found on dough baits and catfish can be taken on dip baits and cut bait.

*River walk Lakes*

The bass bite has improved and the water is moving again through the lakes. The best action continues to be steady during the early morning and late afternoons. Reaction baits, jigs and soft plastics have been the most successful. Bluegill are biting live worms. An occasional crappie has been coming on minijigs. As the water starts to cool in the next month DFWL should start stocking trout.

***Trout Plants***

No trout plants to report.

***Ocean Fishing***

***San Diego***

The Bluefin Tuna action has been phenomenal for many boats out of this area. Fish to 400 pounds have been caught with a pending California record coming this past week on a private boat at 412 pounds. The New Lo-An also returned Tuesday morning from a 1.5 day charter with 37 Bluefin Tuna ranging from 60-250 pounds for their 23 anglers. The Aztec is returned Tuesday from a 2 Day trip with 32 Bluefinfin Tuna(up to 130lbs) and 31 Yellowtail(20-30lbs). The San Diego returned Tuesday from their Full Day trip with 105 Yellowtail, 73 Yellowfin Tuna, 10 Skipjack Tuna and 2 Dorado for their 34 anglers.

*Dana Point/San Pedro*

The Amigo returned Monday from a 1.5 day with 40 Bluefin Tuna, 25 Yellowtail and 31 Bonito for 20 anglers. The Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street Landing returned Tuesday from a ½ day with 2 Sand Bass, 2 Sculpin, 1 Yellowtail, 60 Calico Bass, 3 Ocean Whitefish, 58 Bonito and 2 Rockfish for 26 anglers.


The Aloha Spirit out of Channel Islands Sportfishing returned Tuesday with 15 Ocean Whitefish, 52 Rockfish, 1 Ling cod, 5 Bonito, 1 Barracuda and 25 Calico Bass for 10 anglers on a Full day trip. The Pacific Eagle out of Ventura Sportfishing picked up 94 Rockfish, 47 Ocean Whitefish, 1 California Sheephead, 1 Barracuda, 1 California Yellowtail, 1 Scorpionfish, 27 Calico Bass and 6 Bonito for 16 anglers.

*Port San Luis/Morro Bay*

The Patriot out of Patriot Sportfishing returned Tuesday with 1 Red, 3 Ling Cod and 179 assorted rockfish for 18 anglers on a ½ day trip. The Fiesta out of Virg’s Landing returned Tuesday from a ¾ day with 91 Red, 1 Ling Cod, 26 Starry Rockfish, and 13 Boccaccio for 18 anglers.