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Thank you to all the great anglers out there who help contribute to Bakersfield’s only local fishing report. Please don’t forget to send us your best catches of the week to be featured in next week’s report.
*** FISH REPORT FRIDAY, February 5***
Cope’s Tackle & Rod purchased a truck load of Trophy Rainbow and Lightening trout that will be stocked sometime next week into Riverwalk lake. Catch any size trout from any local lake and bring it to Copes between February 10th – February 15th for a picture and a FREE Raffle Ticket. The FREE raffle ticket will enter you into our FREE raffle with tons of prizes from OKUMA and MUSTAD. The raffle will be held @ 7pm on February 15th.
*Kern River*
The 20 mile stretch of the Upper Kern continues to kick out trout. Fishing up here has been excellent some days and slower on others. The water is fairly cold, and the weather has affected the bite over the past couple weeks. Weekly plants are keeping it loaded with trout and anglers have been successful with salmon eggs, minijigs and worms. The Upper Kern was stocked this week in Section 4, Powerhouse #3 to Riverside Park in Kernville. The Lower Kern River trout fishing improved this week after the recent plants. The Lower Kern was stocked in Section 1, Democrat Beach to Lower Richbar, and Section 2, Democrat Beach to Sandy Flat. Next week, the Lower Kern will be stocked in Section 3, Sandy Flat to Isabella Dam. Anglers can find trout with salmon eggs, Powerbait and minijigs. The Lower Kern bass bite is fair on crankbaits, jigs and spinners. Catfish can be found on dip baits, nightcrawlers and cut baits. At the time of reporting, the Upper Kern River was flowing at 255 CFS and the Lower Kern River was flowing at 291 CFS.
*River Walk Lakes*
We have close to a thousand pounds of Trophy Calaveras Trout up to 10 POUNDS going in the lake next week. It’s going to be a mix of both Rainbows and lightening trout that’ll be stocked. River Walk was stocked last week from DFG, and the bite continues for the planters. Anglers have been scoring fish on garlic scented Powerbait, minijigs, nightcrawlers and spinners. The bass action is fair to good on trout imitation swimbaits, crankbaits and finessed soft plastics. Bluegill are fair on worms.
**Pyramid Lake**
The lake remained at 85 percent of capacity, and water temperatures dropped to 52 degrees. The last cold front seems to have stalled the striper bite, but anglers are still scratching up some striper using sardines and anchovies. The occasional larger model has been landed on trout imitation swimbaits. Trolled umbrella rigs are also taking striper in 25 to 40 feet of water on points. There was a trout plant last week, and anglers have been using Powerbait, nightcrawlers, and Kastmasters to score bites. The trout have spread throughout the lake and they can be found as far as Yellowbar and the dam. However, the marina is still the favored spot for trout anglers. Bass anglers have been using drop shot, Ned rigs, and jigs in 20 to 40 feet of water along main lake points and bluff walls. Spoons and crankbaits are also fooling a fair number of large and smallmouth bass. Catfish anglers are finding biters using sardines, anchovies, and dip bait.
**California Aqueduct**
Recent storms slowed the bite, but it should bounce back. Last week anglers fooled striped bass with lures and bait. Bait anglers have been using Sardines, anchovies, and blood worms on the bottom after check gates. Lure anglers are putting in long days throwing Flukes and Keitech swimbaits, but dedication has paid off for anglers willing to move around and find biting fish. Bass were tough last week, but anglers did manage to land some nice ones using drop shot worms and Senkos.
**Castaic Lake**
Castaic Lake rose to 79 percent of capacity, and water temperatures held around 53 degrees. Bass anglers have been doing well using drop shot, Ned rigs, and Carolina rigs in 20 to 40 feet of water. One angler reported several bass in less than 10 feet of water. Ox Blood, Margarita Mutilator, and Smokin’ Shad have all been good colors for finesse anglers. Spoons and jigs are taking some better-quality fish in deeper water. Striper have been biting trolled umbrella rigs and flies. They are also falling for the occasional jerkbait closer to shore. There was a trout plant last week, and anglers have been fooling fish using Powerbait, nightcrawlers, Pinched Crawlers, and Kastmasters. Anglers soaking sardines for striper have reported the occasional catfish when baits are fished near the bottom in 40 to 100 feet of water.
*Lake Kaweah*
There’s a trout plant scheduled for the week of February 7th. Anglers have been using Powerbait, Pinched Crawlers, and nightcrawlers to fool trout. Hopefully this plant will get some of the bass chasing trout imitation swimbaits up shallow. Bass anglers have been using drop shot, darter heads, Ned rigs and spoons to get bite from 20 to 40 feet deep. Some of the bass are holding even deeper. The Lake rose to 9 percent of capacity after recent storms.
**Lake Success**
Success Lake rose to 11 percent of capacity, and there’s a trout plant scheduled for the week of February 7th. Prior trout plants brought out plenty of eager anglers who filled stringers with a variety of baits. Powerbait, minijigs, nightcrawlers and lures all worked well to fool the stocker trout. The trout plants usually put the bass in a better feeding mood, and bass anglers can expect a shot at larger fish after the plant. Large trout imitation swimbaits are the ticked for that bite. Last week’s storms limited the numbers of anglers on the water. However, successful anglers found biters using finesse plastics, jigs, and spoons. The bass have been holding deep, and a slow presentation has been helpful. Catfish normally respond to cut baits, dip bait, nightcrawlers and chicken liver.
*Buena Vista Lakes*
We received information that Buena Vista was stocked on February 4th, and the lake should be open for fishing Friday morning. Recently anglers did well using Powerbait, Mousetails, minijigs, and nightcrawlers. The Carolina rig and added garlic scent have been the most successful bait setup. Lure anglers have done well using Kastmasters and spinners. Largemouth bass anglers are using finesse techniques and a slow presentation for bites. Drop shot and Texas rigged plastics worms have been the most effective. Catfish anglers are fooling whisker fish with sardines, anchovies, and dip bait.
*Ming Lake*
At Ming there will be another trout plant next week. After the last plant a week ago, anglers have been scoring fish on a variety of baits. Trout have been coming on worms, spinners, minijigs and garlic scented baits. The bass action improved over the past few days with the weather stabilizing. Largemouth have been going for trout swimbaits, crankbaits and finessed soft plastics. Bluegill are fair to good on worms.
*Lake Isabella*
The lake held at 17 percent capacity and the bass bite slowed with the weather last week. Fish can be found off primary lake points in 30 to 35-feet of water. Anglers fishing the main lake points have had success with deep diving crankbaits in crawdad pattern. Out in deeper water they’re scoring some better model bass with Spoons and jigs. Isabella was stocked with trout two weeks ago and there is a scheduled plant next week. Trout can be taken with garlic scented Powerbait, spinners and worms. The catfish bite has remained fairly solid on Triple S Dip Bait, chicken liver, sardines, mackerel and nightcrawlers. Crappie fishing is fair, and they are holding in deeper water around structure.
*Hart Park Lake*
Fishing has been fair at Hart Park, and anglers used drop shot, Texas, and split shot rigs to fool the bass. A slower retrieve has been helpful. Anglers reported getting bite using purple and brown plastics. Catfish anglers are landing fish with sardines, dip bait, and nightcrawlers. Bluegill will take any live worm.
*Truxtun Lake*
There were few reports from Truxtun Lake last week, but the bass are definitely biting. One angler reported catching a four-pound bass on a black and purple Senko style bait. Other anglers caught bass using drop shot and Texas rigged Roboworms. Catfish have been eating cut baits, dip bait, and garlic scented nightcrawlers. Bluegill are eating redworms and mealworms.
*Nacimiento Lake*
After recent storms the water level in Lake Nacimiento rose from 21 to 41 percent. Anglers can still get bite with finesse techniques and small swimbaits, but there is a lot of debris to contend with. Anglers are using grubs and small plastic worms to target spotted bass on drop shot, darter heads, and Ned rigs. Spoons and small swimbaits are also working for some bites. Reports on other species have been slow.
***Trout Plants***
Week of January 31 – Lower Kern River Sections 1 & 2, Upper Kern River Section 4
Week of February 7 – Lower Kern River Section 3, Upper Kern River Sections 4 and 6, Ming Lake, Isabella Lake, Bright Valley Reservoir, Kaweah Lake, Success Lake, Tule River South Fork - Middle Fork #2
Week of February 14 – Lower Peppermint Creek, Upper Peppermint Creek, Tule River South Fork - Middle Fork #2
***Ocean Fishing***
*San Diego**
Fishing for all species of rockfish, whitefish, Sheephead, cabezon, and lingcod is closed from January 1st until March 1st in SoCal US waters. The Relentless out of HM Landing returned Sunday from Punta Colonet with 11 Ling cod and 179 Rockfish for 19 anglers.
*Dana Point/San Pedro*
Fishing for all species of rockfish, whitefish, Sheephead, cabezon, and lingcod is closed from January 1st until March 1st in SoCal US waters. Long Beach Sportfishing had one boat return Monday with 600 Sand Dabs and 17 Sculpin for 13 anglers.
*Channel Islands*
Fishing for all species of rockfish, whitefish, Sheephead, cabezon, and lingcod is closed from January 1st until March 1st in SoCal US waters. Surf Perch can be found at Faria beach with motor oil grubs and Berkley Gulp sand worms.
*Port San Luis/Morro Bay*
Fishing for all species of rockfish, whitefish, Sheephead, cabezon, and lingcod is closed through March 31st in the Central Region. The surf perch fishing has been solid for anglers fishing Toro Creek outside Morro Bay with Berkley Gulp sand worms.

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